Looking for a church?

Visit us at Braybrook Community Centre every Sunday 3pm

Christian Youth for the Nation (CYN)

CYN’s leaders are on a mission to engage and influence young adults to know and love Jesus Christ. We engage youths in prayer, worship and even bible study in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

To further equip and establish our youths in JIL Melbourne, all youths are also in a discipleship program with our Pastors where they are taught and mentored in small groups, sometimes even individually. We want to reach out to every youth to help them build a solid foundation in Christ in whichever ministry or calling they’re aspiring to pursue.

Friendship and communities are built in a myriad of activities and outings, among which include leadership seminars and camps, working with underprivileged youths and a feeding program for the less fortunate in and around the Sunshine area.

Come join us in one (or all) of our activities! We promise you won’t be bored!